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Terry Shephard, Head of Tax

Terry Shephard

Trusts are very useful things and are used by many different people for many different reasons.

Protecting your assets through Trusts

Perhaps you want to pass wealth onto the next generation but need to be sure that it will be used wisely and be protected? Maybe you want to set aside some funds for future generations but are not yet sure how you want it to be used? You may want to make sure your business continues for future generations and doesn’t become fragmented.

Trusts can be the answer to these and many other situations where passing on assets directly does not seem the best option. Our highly experienced team can advise you on whether a trust is right for your situation. We will explain all the options and all the tax and administrative issues you need to consider.

If you decide a trust is the right option for you, we will deal with all tax and other compliance issues properly and efficiently. We will advise you how to use the trust throughout its lifetime to fulfil your objectives in a tax efficient way. If you already have a trust, we can offer comprehensive accounting and tax return services and also advise you whether your trust is still suitable for your needs.

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