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Global trading

The world is the modern market place and Creaseys team can help you when you want to trade across borders. We help both our UK clients who want to expand globally, as well as international companies wanting to invest in the UK.


As UK members of PrimeGlobal, we're part of the 5th largest association of independent accounting firms in the world with representatives in 90 countries. That means you can benefit from our global connections with likeminded independent accounting firms, delivering future international success for your business.

This global reach is enriched by a strong group of UK-based associates, allowing us to tap into expert resources throughout the UK, providing a direct benefit to our clients, and saving them the costs that might usually be associated with multi-office practices.

We advise both individuals and businesses on their international needs. We assist our UK clients thinking about opening a branch overseas, advising them on choice of business structure and putting them in touch with local people to help them on the ground. We work with foreign companies looking to inwardly invest in the UK, providing outsourced office functions whilst they set things up or helping them source suitable acquisitions. We strive to create tax efficient structures which do not impinge upon commercial considerations.

If you are importing or exporting, our tax and VAT teams also provide specific advice on all areas such as transfer pricing and VAT registrations and rates.

Structuring your overseas operations

We have advised many companies on how best to structure their overseas operations and the tax advantages and possible pitfalls in investing overseas. Our links with PrimeGlobal, an association of independent firms, mean that we can advise from both the UK and overseas perspective and develop complex structures which will minimise global tax liabilities.

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