The Client

Pinden, located between Gravesend and Dartford in Kent, is a UK leader in waste management, recycling and asbestos disposal. The company also has a thriving skip hire business.  Focus is not only on global environmental concerns but on fulfilling obligations to the local environment as well.

The waste is turned into recycled aggregates, soils and wood fibre for use in construction and manufacturing in particular. Pinden supplies businesses of all sizes, from local builders to major civil engineering concerns. Additionally, it operates a fully-licensed landfill site for the disposal of asbestos.

The Service

Getting Stuff Done

Creaseys has worked with Pinden since before the current owners bought it in 2004. The practice was instrumental in putting that deal together. Now, partner Graham Turpin leads a team helping with Pinden’s statutory audit and providing advice on corporation tax planning, plus other accountancy and taxation issues.

Graham Turpin said: “Pinden is a fascinating business made up of a number of different segments that fit together, with recycling and the environment at the hub. It is very satisfying to see how it has grown and developed since we became involved.”

The Partnership

“Creaseys provides excellent advice,” said Pinden’s group accountant Peter Osmond. “They are really approachable and it’s easy to pick up the phone and call Graham, or somebody from his team, if I’ve got any sort of issue. If we used one of the big London firms, I’m sure we’d meet a partner initially and then be farmed out to more junior staff members,” he explained. “With Creaseys, Graham continues to work closely with us.”

Peter added: “We pride ourselves on being a very forward-thinking company and are always looking at new ways to recycle. I enjoy working with Creaseys, as they are forward-looking as well and don’t stand still. I’m proud to have their name at the bottom of our audit report.”