End of year reporting - don't be late

End of year reporting

End of year reporting - don't be late

Company and employers - 2018/19 end of year reporting, don't be late!

End-of-year expenses and benefits (Forms P11D(b) and P11D)

At the end of each tax year, employers need to consider the completion and submission of forms P11D(b) and P11D. These forms must be completed for all office holders and employees who have been provided with taxable benefits during the 2018/19 tax year.

The deadline for submission to HM Revenue & Customs is 6 July 2019.

Don’t delay! HMRC may issue penalties for failure to file. If you would like our assistance in completing these forms or advice on whether they are required, please contact Helen Archer or Sophie Burn or call 01892 546546 as soon as possible.

Employment Related Securities End of Year Return (formerly Form 42) and EMI End of Year Return

If your employees received securities, disposed of securities or had their rights to securities altered during the year ended 5 April 2019, and these transactions happened by reason of their employment, you may need to disclose this to HMRC.

Similarly, if you have an open EMI scheme, you will be required to submit an EMI End of Year return; even if there have been no reportable events during the year.

The deadline for submitting these end of year returns is 6 July 2019.

If you would like our assistance or would like to discuss the completion of either of these returns, then please contact our Corporate and Business Tax Team on 01892 546546.