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Creaseys advises on sale of Langley-Smith Holdings (distribution company)

Creaseys advises on sale of Langley-Smith Holdings Company Limited

Creaseys was delighted to have advised the Crow family on the successful sale of their company to the French Safic-Alcan group in March 2019.  Langley-Smith is a London-based specialty chemicals distributor, with a focus on adhesives, paint and coatings and polymer modification.  Langley-Smith was established in 1907 and has been a client of Creaseys for many years.  Matt Neill, a Director in Creaseys’ Corporate and Business department, led the team which advised David Crow and his family on the sale of their shares; he was assisted by Chris Buckden and Gemma Bevan. 

David Crow, former Managing Director and owner of the company, commented that, “Combining Langley-Smith’s longstanding presence and expertise with Safic-Alcan’s excellent international network will open a new chapter for both companies’ industrial businesses.”

Matt has worked with Langley-Smith since joining Creaseys in 2006, and he remarked, “Having acted for them for many years, it is absolutely fantastic to see David and his family secure the sale of their business, which is the culmination of their many years’ hard work.  At Creaseys, helping our clients’ dreams come true underpins everything we do, and, uniquely, it is ‘The Creaseys Way’ approach to relationships which helps us get to the bottom of our clients’ motivations.”

Having such an in-depth understanding of the Langley-Smith business meant that Matt’s team was able to answer quickly the enquiries which were raised by Safic-Alcan and their advisors during their financial due diligence reviews.  Moreover, having been on the other side of the table numerous times, advising clients on corporate transactions and assisting with financial due diligence, Matt and his team were able to explain to David and his family how the sale process would work and how best to deal with certain matters.  In addition, Matt was able to draw on his experience as the Head of the Share and Business Valuations team at Creaseys, in terms of advising on the calculation of the sales price for the company.

David Crow explained: “We couldn’t have achieved the sale of our company without Matt and his team, and thanks for their contribution to a successful outcome.” 

Selling a business is not the end of the journey for our clients at Creaseys.  At Creaseys Wealth, we are able to offer wealth management and financial planning advice, where we work on realising clients’ dreams for the next stage of their journey.

If you would like any information on selling your business, preparing it for sale, or simply valuing it – or if you like the sound of ‘The Creaseys Way’ approach – please get in touch with Matt Neill on 01892 546 546 or matthew.neill@creaseys.co.uk