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Terry Shephard

Head of Tax

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Hi I'm Terry...

What is your role at Creaseys?

I am the Head of our Corporate and Business Tax Team and our team is dedicated to working collaboratively with UK entrepreneurs and family businesses, helping them to structure their corporate and personal affairs in a tax-efficient manner.

What are your specialisms and areas of interest?

I have fifteen years' experience working with key stakeholders of privately run businesses, helping them to structure their personal wealth, protect their assets, undertake next generation planning, incentivise their staff and ensure robust compliance procedures are in place.  My passion is supporting private businesses and their owners and stakeholders through all stages of a transaction cycle, whether it be starting up, reorganising or refinancing, retention and recruitment of talent via the use of tax efficient employee incentives, through to strategic acquistions and subsequent liquidity events.

What's your proudest achievement at Creaseys (so far)?

Becoming Partner on 1 January 2018.

What three words would you use to describe Creaseys?

  • Professional
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate

What are your five favourite things?

  • My wife and family
  • My friends
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Cooking and eating!

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