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Matt Neill


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Hi I'm Matt...

What is your role at Creaseys?

I am a Director in the Corporate and Business practice, responsible for the delivery of services to a portfolio of around 80 corporate clients from a wide range of industries. I am a Responsible Individual, and so I sign off audit reports for my clients. Aside from audit and accounts, I lead the firm’s Share and Business Valuations team. I also head up the Audit and Accounts Technical Team, which monitors developments in the accounting and audit profession, and provides regular internal training and support to the team. I am the registered ICAEW Qualified Person Responsible for Training for the firm's ACA students, and so I have the privilege of signing off their training records at the end of their contracts so that they can be admitted to the Institute.

What are your specialisms and areas of interest?

Apart from audits and accounts, I lead the firm’s Share and Business Valuations Team, which involves preparing valuation reports for businesses for a variety of reasons, such as for shareholder exits, EMI share option schemes, and for probate purposes. I am regularly involved in financial due diligence projects, which I particularly enjoy because it provides us with the opportunity really to add value to our clients when they are seeking to buy other businesses. I am a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. I am also a member of the ICAEW’s Audit and Assurance Faculty and Financial Reporting Faculty.


What's your proudest achievement at Creaseys (so far)?

As well as training and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Creaseys, I was delighted to be promoted to the role of Client Manager in just over six years from joining the firm in 2006.   

What three words would you use to describe Creaseys?

  • Dynamic
  • Ambitious
  • Different

What are your five favourite things?

  • Boxing
  • Playing FIFA
  • Hard dance music and DJing
  • Fuggles Beer Cafe in Tunbridge Wells and Belgian beer
  • Whiskey and beer festivals!

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