Alexander Banyard

Assistant Accountant

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Hi I'm Alexander...

What is your role at Creaseys?

I'm an Assistant Accountant within Creaseys' highly skilled Corporate and Business department.  My work is a mix of either preparing financial statements from the underlying books and records, or working as part of a team to complete statutory audits.

What are your specialisms and areas of interest?

Audit is an area that really interests me because the way we approach the tests is almost like a 'science'!  We make meaningful recommendations to our clients at the end of each audit to help them improve their systems further, which makes our audits highly rewarding for both the audit team and the client.

What's your proudest achievement at Creaseys (so far)?

Becoming a member of the AAT after completing my exams within just under a year of starting at Creaseys!  I am now working towards becoming a chartered accountant with the ICAEW.

What three words would you use to describe Creaseys?

  • Friendly
  • Innovative
  • Approachable

What are your five favourite things?

  • Civil Aviation
  • Wine
  • Mexican Food
  • Travelling
  • To Do Lists

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