5 ways your auditor could make you money, instead of causing you headaches

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"We invest the time to understand clients’ bigger picture. Understanding what your dreams are means we can help you achieve them."

Emma Roberts, CEO

We’re proud to do things differently at Creaseys. And that starts with understanding that everyone we work with is a person first and a client second.

If they’re anything like us – and we hope they are – then that person is likely to be juggling all sorts of strategic goals, personal aspirations, family responsibilities and business concerns. And without getting soppy, there are probably some hopes and dreams being harboured deep down too. After all, we’re all human.

We absolutely love getting to know that person. And getting to understand all the things that keep them awake at night… or help them to spring out of bed in the morning. That’s the stuff that gets us excited, and that’s the stuff we need to understand to really make a difference – in their business and their life.

We are accountants and advisors. We just care a lot more than you might imagine.